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HULA Innovative Anti-Vibration Damper Feet for Bambu Lab, Creality, and Prusa Printer

HULA Innovative Anti-Vibration Damper Feet for Bambu Lab, Creality, and Prusa Printer

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Product Features:

VOXEL x HULA is the world's first seismic isolator-inspired anti-vibration damper for the Bambu Lab P1P / P1S / X1 / X1C; Creality K1 / K1C / K1 Max; and Prusa MK3 Series and MK4 printer designed by Thrutheframe. HULA's innovative damping method decouples the printer from the desk, minimizing table shakes, improving print quality, and reducing stress on the printer. Unlike the Bambu Lab Anti-Vibration damper, HULA is self-aligning and doesn't sway/rock when printing, ensuring superior print quality and stability.

Compatible with Bambu Lab P1P, P1S, X1, and X1C with/without AMS

Compatible with Creality K1, K1C, and K1 MAX

Compatible with Prusa MK3 Series and MK4

Fully Assembled Set Includes:

  • Ready-to-use drop-in replacement for Bambu Lab / Creality / Prusa stock rubber feet
  • 4 pcs - Fully Assembled HULA Dampers with Air Pads
  • 12 pcs - Insert Shims (For Bambu Lab Only)
  • Installation Instructions

Easy Installation (no tools / no printing / no assembly required) - Less than 5min

Hardware Only Set Includes:

  • 4 - HULA TPU Air Pads
  • 4 - HULA TPU Dampers
  • 8 - M3 x 12mm Screws
  • 8 - M3 Hex Nuts
  • 4 - 11 Balls F8-22M Bearings
  • 4 - M4 x 10mm Screws and 3030 T Nuts (Prusa Version Only)
  • 8 - M3 x 8mm Screws (Prusa Version Only)
  • Installation/Assembly Instructions

Medium Difficulty Installation - Need to Print HULA Parts (2 Hours Print)

Performance Details (HULA vs Bambu Lab Anti-Vibration Feet):

  • Vibration Test in Standard Speed Mode - HULA has the lowest Max and Min for the vibration test (the lower the number, the more effective the dampening)

  • CNC Kitchen Ringing Test, HULA(TOP); Bambu Lab Stock Feet(Bottom) - HULA has a clear reduction in ringing in the Y-axis compared to the stock feet

  • Swaying / Rocking Comparison; Bambu Lab Anti-Vibration Feet(LEFT); HULA(RIGHT) - HULA rocks/sways less compared to the Bambu Lab Anti-Vibration Feet (Less rocking/swaying motion will result in better quality prints) 

HULA is designed by our design partner Thrutheframe; check out his amazing work. Performace Data is provided by Thrutheframe and validated by VOXEL.

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