Preset and Profiles

The profiles below includes our recommended setting for 0.1mm, 0.15mm, 0.2mm, 0.25mm layer heights along with VOXELPLA filament profile. All of the profiles have been tested by us or others in the community; we will continue to add more profiles as we test / verify more machines. 

Recommended Retraction Setting:

Bowden Style 3D printer:

Retraction amount: 5mm

Retraction speed: 60mm/s

Detraction speed: 40mm/s


Direct Drive Style 3D printer:

Retraction amount: 1mm

Retraction speed: 50mm/s

Detraction speed: 40mm/s


(Coming Soon)

Creality Ender 3:

Ender 3_Prusa Slicer Profile

Ender 3_Cura Profile

Creality Cr-10:

Cr-10_Prusa Slicer Profile

Cr-10_Cura Profile

Prusa i3 MK3:

Prusa i3 MK3_Prusa Slicer Profile

Prusa i3 MK3_Cura Profile